ENG201 Assignment No. 3 Spring 2012 solution

Question No.1 (10)

You are required to write a feasibility report of preparing an interface to communicate with all the staff simultaneously. Being the manager of information technology department in a local company, write a feasibility report in order to convey the possibility and importance of the assigned project.



As it is obvious, our company is maximizing its profits on regular basis for last 6 months or so. Having in mind that our company is just 8 months old, I don’t see this as a bad progress at all. Now coming straight to the point, I feel as if there should be a more flexible, reliable and speedy way to communicate with you. The reason is that apart from the fact that our company is growing day by day, we are having some draw-backs too. And these are in the form of distortion in establishing a perfect communication between me and you, the more we’ll be good at understanding each other, the more our company will prevail over its rivals.

Criteria and facts :

If we have a video conference luxury in our company , that will work as ice on cake. According to the British Evaluation’s 2011’s survey report : companies having a video conference room installed are progressing 30% faster than the ones not having it. So the (snow) difference is quite obvious. Having a video conference room in our company will be fruitful for us in many ways as I can have a discussion with all of you at the same time rather than calling you one by one into my office and providing you with the details. Moreover, it will save a lot of time and we can emphasize on our work in a better way.

Alternative, its overview and evaluation :

Or, we can have a weekly gathering in the main hall where I’ll be addressing all of you and you’ll be free to raise your point. But there are some flaws in this option as it requires additional management each week to make possible a successful meeting. Adding into this, we might miss some personals on a given day, and it is not a good idea to have a meeting when even twenty percent of your staff is missing, Now if we’ve got a video conference room, we can easily set up a meeting when-ever we want. So it’ll be more flexible to deal with personal absence and other technical issues if we are using video conference technology.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

Having listened to your views about my talk, and having presented what I had in my mind, I am more than sure that we should go for video conference technology to make the communication more relevant, clear, and fruitful. Who knows we’ll be having a technology in the coming days where we don’t even need to have video conference room installed to be addressed by the Managers or Employers at the same time, but I surely am not going to wait for that long, so let us give it up for video conference technology.

Question No.2 (5)
Distinguish as Adverb, Preposition or Conjunction, each of the italicized words in the following sentences.

1. He came before me.
2. He came two hours before.
3. He came before I left.
4. Have you ever seen him since?
5. I have not seen him since Monday.


1: Preposition

2: Adverb

3: Preposition

4: Adverb

5: Preposition