ENG201 Asssignment No 2 Solution Fall 2012

Question no  1:                                                                                              (10)

Write down a resume for the job of your choice. You can adopt the format  according to your job description.

Here is a sample resume you can make your own. http://www.scribd.com/doc/17408099/Fresh-Graduate-Resume-Sample

Question no  2:                                                                                            (5)

Compare and contrast the impromptu and extempore methods of  presentation

Impromptu : In simple words, it asks to deliver on the spot, without having any preparation .One has to be very careful while adopting this method of presentation as It might show the audience that you care less about them if you are not comprehensive while delivering. It might also lack completeness and good organization in case you are not used to deliver presentations on the spot.  In other words, you should be really good at it if you are going to adopt this method.

Extempore: On the other side, in case of Extempore method, one is aware about what he/she is going to deliver. In other words an idea/thought is planned before the speech. Though, this method requires the homework to be done before presentation but this effort surely results in quality of speech and winning the trust of audience by making them believe that you are well aware about the situations around you and them.

Final word : Summing it up, though Impromptu method saves the time which is to be consumed on preparing the speech but Extempore method surely provides the user with more comfort and ensures the good quality of presentation.