ENG201 Business and Technical English GDB Solution Spring 2013

Discussion Topic:

It has been said by Andy Warhol that “In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” Describe your fifteen minutes.

Solution:It is very hard to choose for one, which experience is the one that helped, changed, taught them or made them famous but I have chosen my fifteen minutes of glory. My fifteen minutes were in Grade 8, when I participated in a Theatre production as its protagonist. This production was for raising awareness on how children with physical disabilities live their lives. I was very scared to be a part of this, as I had to read a poem in front of over 200 people. I was very shy and frightened as this was the first time for me to say something on stage to people that I never met before. This was supposed to happen in the British Council in Delhi. In the audience were the patrons of the council with the British High commissioner to Indian and his family. I was nervous, petrified and kept reciting the poem to myself the weekend before the performance. I don’t know what had happened to me as the protagonist, I was supposed to portray an elementary school going child, who is an outcast as his both legs are paralyzed and he cannot play games like his friends. He was depressed as he had to move around in a wheelchair, plus as he was very young; it was hard for him to use the wheelchair, as it required a lot of force. During the performance, I was very nervous as we did not have microphones so we had speck loudly and clearly so everyone in the audience can hear. After I recited the poem, and saw people crying, something happened. The actor in me woke up and then the whole performance finished in a jiffy. I don’t know what happened or ho it happened but I fulfilled my duty which to create awareness for physically challenged children. After our performance, when we were going home, a lot of people came and congratulated me for my performance, people whom I had never met. But the best thing that happened was when my mom told that she crying as she saw her little boy become a teenager.