ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Assignment 1 Spring 2013

 ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Assignment 1 Spring 2013

Question No. 1:                                                                                             (10)

You have set up a small hardware Company named Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) which has successfully survived in its 1st year. Now you want to set objectives of this company for the next ten years. You are required to write objectives both implicit and explicit to maintain the success rate of your company.

Idea Solution:

Corporate Profile:

Based in Lahore, PAKISTAN. Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) specializes in Computer hardware and system maintenance.Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is one of the small growing network which providers solution of hardware problems in Pakistan. Our business interests are to provide the costumers solution of their problems on their doorstep.We have successfully completed one year of our performance which is proof of our hardworking staff and we hope for better performance next time.

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Objectives:

Explicit objectives:

  • Ø      We are going to made new investments to enhance the business in both domestic and international levels.
  • Ø      New Partners will be introduced for the financial purpose.
  • Ø      External Auditor shall be appointed for transparency auditing.
  • Ø      Online website will be lunched to enhance the business.
  • Ø      Friendly atmosphere will be provided in office between staff.
  • Ø      Staff will have abilities of Strong trouble shooting and problem-solving skills in computer.



Implicit objectives:


  • Ø      Cost control management system will introduce for making sales more rapid about minimum 20% per year.
  • Ø      Bonus will be given to the hardworking employees to make accommodate their abilities
  • Ø      Yearly increments 10% to 20% to in salary will be given
  • Ø      New appointments will made with the growth of business to provide rapid solutions of costumers. 


Question No. 2:                                                                                              (5)

Choose the correct option from the following:                                                      

1. Documents should be created for ————– purposes or goals in a professional environment that both the writer and the reader would readily agree on.

  • implicit
  • explicit
  • illicit
  • None of the above

2. If people have to communicate effectively, they must choose the right method and do so in a manner that builds ———— relationships.

  • negative
  • neutral
  • positive
  • All of the above
  1. 3.      Communication is institutionalized under many different names at different universities and in various countries, including ———–.
  • media studies
  • biological talk
  • gossip
  • All of the above
  1. 4.      Generally, human communication is concerned with the making of ———- and the exchange of understanding about human development.
  • cries
  • sounds
  • meaning
  • rhetoric
  1. 5.      ———- is the interference with effective transmission and reception of a message.
  • Noise
  • Pollution
  • Sound
  • Obstacle