ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Assignment 2 Solution 2013

Q1. ‘Technical English is not the part of technology’. Enumerate your own views in a coherent paragraph in 100-150 words.        (5 Marks)

Technical English is not a part of Technology  because a great number of people around the globe do not know English but they are technical experts.For example Chinese engineers and Italians German
Teaching of English to students of science or business whose first language is not English as a means of doing their work is essentially utilitarian.
The learners need English as a means of enhancing their performance potentials and furthering their specialist education and research, and the language taught is isolated, to the extent possible, from its cultural and social experience.

Q2. Remove the wordiness by using single-word substitutes instead of phrases, without changing the meaning.                                  (5 Marks)


  1. Wordy: At this time


Concise: ————-

  1. Wordy: Due to the fact that


Concise: ————-

  1. Wordy: Have need for


Concise: ————–

  1. Wordy: During that time period


Concise: ————–

  1. Wordy: In due course


Concise: ————-


  1. Now
  2. Because
  3. Need
  4. During
  5. Soon

Q3. Choose the best option.                         (5 Marks)

1. In a —– the words are arranged so that the ideas clearly express the intended meaning.

a. simple sentence

b. complex sentence

c. coherent sentence

d. fused sentence


2. True courtesy involves being aware not only of the perspectives of others, but also their —–.

  1. feelings
  2. intentions
  3. plans
  4. traits


3. A business message is —– when it contains all facts that the reader or listener needs for the reaction the sender desires.

  1. compact
  2. complete
  3. concise
  4. concrete


4.  —– means preparing every message with the message receiver in mind.


  1. Clarity
  2. Correctness
  3. Completeness
  4. Consideration


5. Misunderstanding of words has produced —– both in war and peace, and in business and non-business situations.

  1. ballad
  2. sonnets
  3. tragedies
  4. lyrics