ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Final paper 23 February 2013

52 total questions, 40 MCQs + following 12 questions:

• What do you know about “Adjustment Request”? (2)

• What is a memorandum? (2)

• What is “Cause and effect”? (2)

• What are Acronyms? (2)

• What do you know about progress report? (3)

• Write the importance of organising the instructions. (3)

• Rewrite the following sentences so the modifier relates its word. (3)

• What are the functions of concretness. Write any Three. (3)

• How can we relate idea in oral communication? (5)

• Write down all conventional superstructure of progress reports. Also write about conclusion and recommendation. (5)

• How Editing improves our document. (5)

• What points should be kept in mind while editing for a Business message. (5)

Today my Eng 201 paper 23-02-2013

Q 1: Define “Document Accuracy”? 2

Q 2: For what purpose a breaker is used? 2

Q3: Do you think introduction is an important part of instruction?  2

Q 4: What your bigger weakness? What is your answer during the interview?  2

Q 5: how many kinds of sentences are there?  3

Q 6: How does instruction in a document shape the attitude of the reader? (3)

Q 7: why is Audience Analysis is important to write a good document?  (3)

Q 8: What is difference b/w tense and  aspect?   (3)

Q 9: what are the important points of writing “instruction “for any document?  (5)

Q 10: What are the general guide lines for” Capitalizing scientific Terms”?   (5)

Q 11 what are fused sentences?how can they be avoid ?  (5)

Q 12: what skill is necessary for effective oral communication?  (5)