ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing GDB Solution Fall 2013

“Do you think that language learning can better be learnt in a synchronous mode (simultaneous/real time communication with immediate feedback, e.g. webinars, chat forums) or asynchronous mode (communication with delayed feedback, e.g. emails, discussion boards, assignments), or a blend of the two?”

Solution: Asynchronous learning is based on constructivist theory, a student-centered approach that emphasizes the importance of peer-to-peer interactions.This approach combines self-study with asynchronous interactions to promote learning, and it can be used to facilitate learning in traditional on-campus education, distance education, and continuing education. This combined network of learners and the electronic network in which they communicate are referred to as an asynchronous learning network.

Chatroom and email activities provided positive learning experiences for students and were beneficial for building vocabulary and enhancing the language learning process. Students could review the chat logs to observe how much they had participated in the conversation. One disadvantage the author found in the chatroom was that some students were mostly observers since they could not respond to all the questions at their peers’ pace.