ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing GDB Solution Spring 2014

Graded Discussion Board for Business and Technical English (Eng201) will open on 17-07-2014. Its closing date is 18-07-2014.

Give your views on any ONE the following topics:

1. “Revolution is an outdated slogan in today’s world”. Comment

2.”Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Comment on Mark Twain’s quote.
Solution: Don’t pick a side just because the majority is on it but to pick it because it is right and if you cant find a real reason why you are on the majority’s side then you should change to the other. It means the following: 

  • Be sure you are not just following the crowd; 
  • Think for yourself; 
  • Many people don’t use common sense, so don’t be like them; 
  • Spend more time thinking about it than most people who only consider the surface of issues.