ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Mid term paper 14 December

10 Mcqs
Difference between Direct and indirect plan? 2 marks
Any four type of letters? 2 marks
what good organization mean ? 3 marks
The way of gaining credibility in business? 3 marks
Question about “you Attitude? 5 marks
How many type of letters ? explain any three type of latter ?5 marks

there were total 17 questions
10 mcqs
2 questions of 2 marks
2 question of 3 marks
3 questions of 5 marks
mcqs were mostly from past papers
descriptive questions were
1. what is written communication
2. what is the difference between business letter and memo
3. what is conciseness?
4. you want to decorate your premises(house or building). write only the letter body to the interior designer firm for decoration and briefly describe what decorations you want from them.

MSQs 11 Subjective 5 question
WHAT is agenda? (2 marks)
what is propsal? (2 marks)
define book credit account ? (3 marks)
what is sequence word? given three example?? (3 marks)
Difference between bussiness latter and memo?? (5 marks)
write an inquary latter ? (5marks)