ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Quiz 2 Fall 2012

  • One fundamental ……… of effective writing is to put the key information at the beginning. Principle
  • Which of the following should be the ultimate goal of persuasive speaking? All of the above
  • Which of the following can be defined as follows? “It is not merely politeness with mechanical insertion of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, rather it is politeness that grows out of respect and concern for others.” Courtesy
  • They arrived in the middle of the night………. because their flight was delayed
  • In a ______________ sentence the words are arranged so that the ideas clearly express the intended meaning. coherent
  • Which of the following font should be used on Overhead projection transparencies (OHPs)? 18pt Times Roman
  • In your job interview, don’t complain about previous jobs or former………. Employers
  • Which one of the following makes use of denotative words instead of connotative words? Concreteness
  • I wouldn’t hesitate to accept that offer. If it were me………. I’d bite his hand off
  • As a student you communicate for__________ purposes while as an employee you will communicate for ____________ purposes. Educational, instrumental