Eng201 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

Any five categories of Hardware functional Specification 5 Marks
Difference Between formal and unformed speech 5 Marks
What is coherent and why are important 5 Marks
Analyzing your audience is important in presentation. Comment 5 Marks
Name the general rule for writing the initial part of a direct request 3 Marks
Define the Self-oriented role in meting 3 Marks
Why do we use parenthesis? 3 Marks
Differentiate between organizational chart and schedule charts
Def. Fundamental factors of written communication 2 Marks
What important purpose does the “Table of content” serves in a Analysis Report 2 Marks
What is the function of the attention getting device at the beginning of a persuasive request letter? 2 Marks