ENG201 GDB Solution Spring 2012

More focus on correct grammar restrains the creativity of the students. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your answer with firm reasons.

Solution: Yes, i difinitely agree with the point that the more you emphasize on grammar technicalities, more are the chances that you’ll not be able to keep your interest level at the desired state while learning. As a result, you’ll not be able to explore the language properly and ultimately it will result in a loss of concentration.
So, you’ll find yourself at a point where you can’t come up with your own creative ideas about the language.You see, learning English, is not like a routine 8 to 5 office stuff.To present your own ideas about something, you need to have good command over that ‘something’. And you can’t have that command unless you have explored that’something’ deeply.Summing it up,i never meant to say that grammar or learning is a bad thing,infact, it is a must learn stuff to get full command over language, but it surely causes loss of concentration for the students due to its technicalities, and ultimately restrains them from coming up with their own creative ideas.