Eng201 Quiz No. 1 11 April 2012

1- Which of the following indicates Consideration?
Focus on negative aspects of words
Focus on vivid image building words.
Focus on denotative rather than connotative words
Focus on ‘you’ instead of ‘I’ or ‘we’.

2- ——— can be achieved if the document is theoretically accurate and represents the subject very well
Document Accuracy
Stylistic Accuracy
Technical Accuracy
Structural clarity

3- Which of the following are real but unnamed readers?
Phantom Readers
Future Readers
Complex Readers
Technical Readers

4- Which of the following skills make the oral communication effective?
Outlining and planning
Preparing overheads or other display media
Rehearsing & Delivery
All of the above

5- What strategies should be opted for writing to Technicians?
Keep introductions and background information brief
Make information accessible
Provide short definitions or explanations of any unfamiliar term
All of the above

6-It is usually really handy to have letters of ……… from previous employers



7- Why document’s objective should be stated at the beginning?
To motivate readers to read further
To gain readers’ attention
To impress readers
Both a & b

8- For what type of audience the direct approach is suitable?
For the uninterested audience
For the displeased audience
For the unwilling audience
For the neutral audience

9- Why important observations, suggestions, or objections should be written?
To persuade the reader
To create permanent records
To make communication more effective
All of the above

10- Which one of the following establishes a series of observations and emphasizes each element?
Comparison and contrast