ENG201 VU Assignment No 2 Spring 2012 Solution

You have seen an advertisement of a new housing society. You are interested to buy a house for your family. Write a letter of inquiry to the Project Manager to show your interest and ask about the facilities they offer regarding purchasing and residing.


Project Manager,

Gulberg Yellow colony,


Respected Sir,

I read the advertisement or housing scheme which you have published in Dawn news 1st may 2012. I am much interested in it. I want to buy a house in Fatima Jinnah Housing Societies. Please tell me the facilities which are provided in it. Tell me about the roads which are necessary in modern life. Is there a mosque to perform prayers and other religious obligations? Are there school and parks to make the children civilized and educated? Is there facility of gas, water and electricity to make life of people easy? Is there hospital to save people in case of emergency? Please inform me about these facilities.

Best Regards,

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Question No.2 Split each of the following sentences into two.


1. Bring me the book that is on the table.

· The book is on the table. Bring to me.

2. Napoleon, whom the French honor, died at St. Helena

· Napoleon was French honor. He died at St. Helena.

3. People who live in glass houses must not throw stones.

· People live in glass house. They must not throw stones.

4. The boys gave a loud shout which was heard across the river.

· Boy gave a loud shout. It was heard across the river.

5. Where is the parcel that I left here yesterday?

· Where is the parcel? I left it here yesterday.