ENG201 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

10 objective
2 2 number q
2 3 num q
2 5 num q
core of correctenes? 3
concretness and its example ? 5
de emphasize bad news message 3
buffer statments ki 3 mistakes 2
letter writing for claim and adjustment 5
aik or sawal he filhal yad nhe arha kya tha 🙁

Mcqs past paper me se nhe the paper kafi tuff tha pata nhe me pass hota ho ke nhe mere lie sab dua krna

adil ko 3 letters ai the likhne ke lie 😛
objective me 4 grammer question. aik vocablary.

10 mcqs from past papers

Q:define letter of inquiry(2).
Q:what is the purpose of end notation in business letter(2)
Q:How to camouflaged verb affect business communication(3)
Q:Define conciseness and how to achieve it(5)?
Q:What are the means of communication do customer services department use(5)
Q:Write a report on distance education(5)
Q:Write a letter to decoration firm to decorate your house or building(5)