ENG301 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2017

ENG301 – Business Communication Assignment No. 2 Solution and Discussion Spring 2017 Due Date: May 23, 2017

Q1. Each situation from the following uses technology. Read given situations carefully and identify the name of the technology used for communication in each situation separately. Also, give one reason against each for using that particular technology in the specific situation. 

a)      A faculty member in Virginia may wish to write a paper with a colleague at another campus of the university. Rather than sending email drafts back-and-forth, they brainstorm together and use a shared application to jointly write the paper.

      Name of Technology: _______________________________________

      Reason:     _________________________________________________

b)      The owner of an electronics shop wants to send the hard copy of an order for 120 air conditioners to be delivered exactly on 14th of August as a notice in advance.

     Name of Technology: _________________________________________

     Reason:     ___________________________________________________

c)      A customer calls the office of a bank manager who is out of his office, and receives the message “Good afternoon. You have reached the office of Khalil Ahmed. I will be out of the office from 10:30 am till 12:30 pm. Please leave a brief message with your contact information, and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I return.  If this is an emergency or you need to speak with someone before I return, please contact our Branch manager.”

     Name of Technology: __________________________________________

     Reason:  _____________________________________________________


d)      Two programmers want to work together sitting at different locations so they can easily participate in debugging, editing, and testing programs by using a shared application. Also, they will communicate through the same medium.

    Name of Technology: _____________________________________________

    Reason: _________________________________________________________


e)      The Institute of Research Advances (IRA Press) is an institutional reviewer and publisher of the scholarly research from across multi-domain disciplines of education and research. The institute calls you for original articles/papers for review & possible publication in its research publications (IRA journals).


   Name of Technology: _______________________________________

   Reason:  ______________________________________________________

Q2. The process of organizing a business message includes two different types of organizational plans i.e. Good News plan or Bad News plan. Read the letters given below and label them with appropriate News plan. The text of the body of the letter A and B is shuffled. Write down the appropriate text against each step in each of the letters.                                                                      

                                                                                                                                            (5*2=10 Marks)



Title of the Organizational Plan : _______________

Ms. Trudy S. Parker

 John Container Corporation

 1234 Greenway Cross

Dear Ms. Parker
Several of us would like to volunteer to work at the drive if it would help.  

Step 1. Buffer

You’ve been great to work with. Thanks again for all the important work you do for the children of our community.   

Step 2. Explanation

We won’t be able to contribute to your annual Toys for Tots fund drive this year. A recent warehouse fire has placed an unusual financial burden on us.  

Step 3. Decision

Helping you furnish your last addition was a real pleasure for me. You’re one of our best customers. I’ve always enjoyed working with you. Step 4. Friendly and positive stress on goodwill

Davis P. Wainwright

Title of the Organizational Plan : _______________

Ms. Susan Day

34-886 Aiea Heights Drive

Aiea, HI 96701

Dear Ms. Day

Please call me at (808) 550-9782 if you have any questions or if I may help you in any way.

Step 1.  Main Idea

Again, welcome aboard to Feline Friends Day Care Center.

Step 2.  Necessary Details

Congratulations, Ms. Day! You have been selected to join our team at Feline Friends Day Care Center as Activity Manager. Your prior work experience at Hawaiian Humane Society and educational background will be a welcome asset to our team.

Step 3. Positive Ending

Please stop by our office before December 20, 20xx, to fill out all personnel employment forms and pick up your employee handbook. Also the following is a list of items you will need to bring with you:

  • NIC Card
  • RMA Certification
  • Current TB clearance

We will setup a date for new employee orientation and can answer any questions you may have about our company or policies.

Step 4. Further Help


Diane Farwell

Program Director