ENG301 Assignment No 4 Spring 2012 solution

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is looking for fresh graduates as Life Insurance Agent. Write a Functional Resume to prove yourself a suitable candidate. Note: Cover letter is not required.                                                       

Write your own resume with following detail.

Personal Information
Professional Experience
Work Experience Synopsis

Read the given situation and underline the elements that show ‘Stage Fright’.                                                                                                                            

Mr. Smith is working with Prof. Huxley as teacher assistant at the school of Business and Management Sciences in the University of Newcastle, Australia. He was supposed to give an oral presentation on “Types of Jobs Interviews” to Business Communication students. During his walk to the stage, his knees began to shake but tried to overlook it and posed to be confident and composed. He reached the stage, mumbled while giving his introduction and started describing his topic without greeting the audience. ‘There are a variety of types of interviews that employers may conduct,’ and put his hands in his pockets, ‘including behavioural interviews, group interviews, phone and video interviews, second interviews, and even interviews held during a meal,’ touching his hair. While loosening his tie, he continued ‘One of the reasons employers take job candidates out to lunch or dinner is to evaluate their social skills and to see if they can handle themselves gracefully under pressure’ (sigh of relief….). While sorting out his notes he resumed his description on types of interviews, firmly clenched his hands and started from case interviews to competency based interviews to informational interview to group interview to interview at public places to mock interview to final interview and many times ignored the raised hand for question from the audience.