ENG301 Business Communication Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2013

Q1.Keeping in mind your knowledge of intercultural communication, choose the correct options for the given questions.                                                    (10)


(i)                 You are at a grocery store in USA. You are getting the last ingredient of your candle light dinner with someone special. As you turn over to grab some strawberries, you brush past an old lady. What would you say?


a)      “Oh…” and grab the strawberries.

b)      “Oh, excuse me.” with a smile.

c)      “That wouldn’t have happened if you moved a little.”

d)       You should keep a safe distance.



(ii)               A UK student is responsible of taking care of an international student from India. After he picked him up, he asks him if he likes to visit to check some clubs tonight. The Indian student nods his head. What is the UK student’s plan?


a)      He gets ready for bed.

b)      He goes out with his friends and shows him where he can sleep.

c)      The two of them go out clubbing.

d)     He dislikes his question.



(iii)             You’re invited to a dinner at your friends from Lebanon. In order to show your gratitude, you’d like to bring something to eat. What do you bring?


a)      Homemade muffins

b)      Ham sandwiches

c)      Nothing, cause you’re the guest

d)     Water bottles



(iv)             At the dinner table sits a Japanese colleague of your friend, named Chi. Everybody enjoys the meal. Suddenly, Chi leans back and slurps. What does he want to express?


a)      He’s stuffed and doesn’t feel well.

b)      He enjoyed the meal.

c)      He disliked the main-course and shows disgust.

d)     He thinks never to have dinner with them again.



(v)               You live in USA and a friend from Saudi Arabia is staying with you. He shows you pictures of his country. All women in pictures are wearing gowns. You ask him if they are so conservative. What will friend respond?


a)      We follow teachings of Islam.

b)      How dare you call us conservative?

c)      I’ll go back tonight.

d)     Women are suppressed entities in our country.


Q2. Read the following list carefully, eliminate Wordy Expressions and make them

Concise. (5)

  1. In spite of the fact that : Spite of the fact
  2. Due to the fact that : Due to the fact
  3. Until such time as: Until Such time
  4. In due course: Due course
  5. On a weekly basis: Weekly basis