ENG301 Business Communication Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2013


To assess students’ understanding of Business Communication and motivate them for acquiring conceptual knowledge and practical application of the subject


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Q1.      You have recently opened your new office and are eager to have the latest equipments and appliances for the office within the least possible time. Write an inquiry letter to the supplier of office equipments and appliances to provide the latest catalogue and price list.                                                                                   (10)     


Enquiry letter to send catalogue and price list of furniture for office.


The Manager

Firm/Company Name


Dear Sir,

We are interested to purchase new furniture items for our office. We shall be glad to have your catalogue and the price list for the following articles:

Two computer table
Teakwood, sunmica top. One side drawers.
Six moving chairs for officers, use.
Three steel almirahas size 6’ x 3’ four shelves with a locker, gauze 20.
Twelve folding chairs.
The sealed quotations should reach us before …………… (date), Please state the approximate time in which the order will be executed after the same is placed with you.

The goods will be delivered at our premises at your expense.

The payment of the bills is to be made in about 15 day’s time from the date of receipt of the goods.

Thanking you,

Malik Ibrar


Q2.      Choose the appropriate type of buffer title from the provided list against each buffer statement given below:                                                                                        (5) (Agreement, Assurance, Compliment, Cooperation, Fairness, Good News, Understanding)




                           Buffer Statement


 Buffer Title
1. We both realize how much the economy has been effected by the ….  Agreement
2. You can now achieve significant savings and avoid trips to the drugstore by having your prescription drugs delivered to your home.  Good News
3. We know that you expect superior service when ….. 


4. The Malaysians have my sincere admiration for their fundraising projects on behalf of hungry children. I am honored that you asked me to speak on Friday, November 15.  Compliment
5. Employee Service is here to smooth the way for all of you who work to achieve company goals….. Cooperation