ENG301 Business Communication Assignment No 1 Solution Fall 2012

Q1:      Place the correct type of Communication Barrier against each Example given below.  10

Types of Communication Barriers

1.         Psychological

2.         Emotional

3.         Perceptional

4.         Physical

5.         Values, Attitudes 

6.         Semantic


Sr. No


Communication Barriers

1 When the teacher uses very difficult or unfamiliar words the students may not comprehend them.  Semantic
2 Communication fails if there are hasty judgments, refusal to listen to a problem, distraction, acceptance of words literally, fear of criticism, day dreaming, impatience, etc. Emotional


The undesirable sound such as that arising out of dragging a table orsneezing or banging of the door or the window panes or creaking of the door or the fan etc. can pose a distraction.




People, who suffer from ailments such as anxiety and depression, tend to misunderstand what is being said about them.  Physical


A speaker may also ruin her credibility with listeners with defensivebehavior: instead of accepting new information or that she was incorrect; she may justify a mistake or refuse to admit it altogether.  Attitude


Seeing things through the lens of our own unique life experiences may lead to assumptions, stereotyping and misunderstandings of others whose experiences differ from our own.  Perception


The audience fails to get the intended meaning if the words or expressions used are too complicated or uncommon.  Semantic


In case of written communication illegible writing or bad photocopies lead to miscommunication.  Physical


When a listener is fearful that she won’t understand what’s being said, she tends to shutdown and stop listening as a defense mechanism for future mistakes.  Psychological


If you are experiencing a high level of stress, you may be unable to adequately communicate your own needs or to really hear what another person is saying  Values, Attitude


Q4: Explain the points 1,2,3,4 in the following diagram with reference to ‘Flow of Communication’.  5

Point 1

This is a downward flow of communication. In the organization decision are made by the top management then these decisions are communicated to the lower management ,then this management makes further downward communication to the low level of management then they further communicated to the supervisors , this is the whole process of downward communication . In this specific instant the president is message is comminuted to the vice president accounting this is downward communication because message is communicated from the top management to the middle management.

Point 2

At this point up ward flow of communication is made middle management to top management, to make decisions president needs information or feedback from the employees, middle management, in upward flow communication is started from supervisors to the top management, supervisor report to low level management, low level to middle level to top level which is the president or CEO or board of Directors.

Point 3

At this point horizontal flow takes place .In order to perform a job, duty, or for the preparation of meetings and to corporate on important issue, communication on the same level .in this hierarchy vice president production communicating to vice president marketing for some cooperation or discussing a issue may b exchange of ideas for launching new product in market. At this communication is taking place at middle level.

Point 4

At this point upward flow of communication is taking place a head (supervisor) of department B of Accounting is communicating to vice president Marketing regarding some issue may b availability of funds for new advertise campaign.