ENG301 Business Communication Final paper 23 February 2013

All Mcq’s from past papers. Do prepare Mcq’s from the file given in the same discussion “GOLDEN FILE OF ENG301 FOR FINAL TERM EXAM PREPARATION” its so helpful =))


Q of 2 marks

1. Define Denotation

2. why title of the page is important in writing proposals


Q of 3 marks

1. define resolution minutes with the help of example

2. how to begin a thesis

3. covert the following formal words to less formal words

a. Participate


c. Interrogate


Q of 5 marks


1. Purpose and importance of hypothesis in writing thesis

2. how to write minutes.

3. explain “readin and memerozation method” in oral presentation.

4. Explain justified form and full block form of writing a business letter.

5.explain the importance of facial expression in oral presentation