FIN622 Corporate Finance GDB 1 Solution Fall 2017

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Learning Outcome:

After doing this activity, students will be able to understand the nature of relationship between bonds price and the factors affecting it.


Theoretical literature on bonds valuation concludes that “all other things being the same, the price of a bond is an increasing function of the frequency of coupon payments”. This is somehow true in a sense that effective annual yield is higher for interest rate compounded more than once (semi-annually, quarterly, monthly) in a year. This relationship can be understood in a way that greater the number of compounding, higher will be the total coupon payment on bonds and it will have positive effect on market price of bonds. But bonds prices are not only influenced by compounding periods in a year, there are other factors playing the role such as yield to maturity, time to maturity and coupon rate. In practice, although some bonds make coupon payments on annual basis while mostly pay on semi-annual basis. It is therefore pertinent to know how frequency of coupon payments influence bonds prices.  In real world situation, bonds prices not necessarily increase with the number of times coupon payment is made within a year as suggested in theory.

Following data pertains to a 1-year corporate bond having face value of Rs.1000 offering coupon rate of 10% compounded annually and semi-annually to its bondholders selling at different prices in the bond market as given below:

Yield to maturity (YTM) Coupon Payment Coupon rate Compounding period Present value of interest payment   Present Value of par value Bond’s market price (Rs.)


100 10% Annually 94.34 943.40 1037.74
100 10% Semi-annually 95.67 942.60 1038.27


100 10% Annually 86.96 869.57 956.52
100 10% Semi-annually 89.78 865.33 955.11


100 10% Annually 90.91 909.1 1000.00
100 10% Semi-annually 92.97 907.03 1000.00


Explain the relationship of bond’s market price with frequency of coupon payments by considering the factors influencing the direction (increase/decrease/no change) of relationship.

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