FIN630 VU Assignment No. 2 Spring 2012 Solution

It is very difficult to predict stock market responses accurately and their impact on stock
prices. Sometimes, the movement of stock prices can whip all logics and move extremely in
any direction. To avoid certain spikes in volatility and to sustain sanity of the stock market, a
system is available that is known as Circuit Breaker. In other words, when stocks prices
move to certain limits (upward or downward), circuit breaker applies and further trading is
restricted within that price limit set for that day.


Looking at the data of Karachi Stock Exchange dated 18th
April 2012, identify any ten
companies (including both upper cap and lower cap) on which circuit breaker applied and
these were closed on the same value.

The following information about these companies is required in tabular form:
1. Symbol of the company
2. Name of the company
3. Value of upward or downward cap
4. Closing rate as on April 18, 2012



Sr.#  Symbol  Company
Upward/Downward Closing
Sr. RateCap
1 GTYR General Tyre 24.08 24.08
2 GADT Gadoon Textile 62.43 62.43
3 EFUL EFU Life 78.75 78.75
4 CRTM Crescent Textile 8.8 8.8
5 BWHL Bal Wheels 27.3 27.3
6 RUBY RUBY Textle 3.25 3.25
7 PTEC Pak Telephone 5 5
8 IDYM Indus Dyeing 384.61 384.63
9 JSIL JS investment 11.5 11.6
10 JSGCL JS Global 44.42 44.42