HRM611 VU Assignment No. 1 Spring 2012 Solution

Murad has been working for the support-services group in a medium-sized insurance company for the last six years. There are 18 people in the group and they have been organized into three smaller groups of six people each. The company has reported losses for three straight quarters.

One of the individuals in Murad’s group, Faria , has a friend in administrative services. Faria’s friend told her that 40 people are going to be laid off and four of them are to be from support-services.

When Faria shared this information with Murad, he was quite concerned and quickly called Habib, the other member of the informal group, and told him, “We have to figure out a strategy so that we are not part of the group that gets  laid off. One way might be to increase our work output and show the supervisor that it would be better if he laid off some of those other guys.”  Faria agreed. Habib, who typically went along with anything Murad said, nodded his head in
agreement. Looking around the room Faria spotted Farid.  “Should we bring Farid in on this discussion?” she asked Habib. “No. Farid never seems to pitch in and will not agree with us what we want to get done, so let’s keep him out,” Habib said. However, I might talk with Sidra and Afzal about our idea and see if they want to team up with us.”

1. In this case, who is the gatekeeper? Describe with solid reasoning.(Marks 5)
faria is acting as a gatekeeper bcoz she is collecting information from other sources and keeping the communication open. Makes sure all members have a chance to express themselves by encouraging the shy and quiet members to contribute their ideas. Limits those who dominate the conversation and may suggest group rules or standards that ensure everyone gets a chance to speak up.

2. In this case, who is the follower? Describe with solid reasoning. (Marks 5)
Habib is the follower as he is just agreed with everything whatever the leader says to him. Accepts what others say and decide even though he or she has not contributed to the decision or expressed own thoughts. Seen as a listener not a contributor.
3. Identify the group role of Farid for which he has been rejected being the part of meeting? Describe with solid reasoning .(Marks 5) 

blocker is the group role of farid for which he has been rejected as he is always resist the group activities. Opposes every idea or opinion that is put forward and yet refuses to make own suggestions, for example, “That’s not a good idea.” The result is that the group stalls because it can’t get past the resistance.