HRM627 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 06 Feb 2012

Mcqs was mostly old. Most mcqs was form mid term old papers so you all must read all mid term papers too.

Final term portion (23-45) was small but you must must read handouts it will be great help in mcqs. And also read slides with OPEN EYES

Short questions are as follow.

1- negative affectivity of neuroticism 3marks
2- define human resource planning and its limitations 3marks
3- public leverage with example 3marks
4- if Pakistan is organization than who will be the management 3marks

1- stages of group development 5maks
2- harere recommendations (don’t know what was exact name but it was something like this) 5marks
3- benefits of debt relief in relation with mobilizing resources 5marks
4- explain Two principles of PPP 1) openness and binding commitment 2) successful negotiation process 5marks