HRM627 GDB No. 1 Spring 2012

HRM627 GDB No. 1 Spring 2012

Communication, either verbal or nonverbal, has to be so powerful that the person receiving a message should clearly understand what has been delivered and intended. Silence is viewed as a form of nonverbal communication and is considered to be an important communication tool.

Can silence speaks louder than words and helps in communicating messages effectively. Explain it with the help of examples?


Yes, precisely silence speaks louder than words and helps in communicating message effectively. Silence is considered the most powerful non verbal communicating factor that conveys message more effectively in the business environment as well as in the interpersonal relationships.

Non –verbal communication is behavior other than spoken or written communication that creates or represents meaning. In other words, it includes facial expression, body movements, and gestures. Non verbal communication is talking without speaking a word. It is very effective, may be even more so than speech. Remember the saying “Actions speak louder than words”. Everything communicates  including material objects, physical space and time systems. Even silence speaks. Commonly, non verbal communication is learned shortly after birth and practiced and refined throughout a person’s lifetime. Children first learn nonverbal expressions by watching and imitating much as they learn verbal skills.

It is surprised to know that not only human beings respond to this kind of communication. The pets, especially a dog, it may follow directions and respond to hand and body movements more than words. Dogs will even get confused by the word, “Sit” but it is comfortable with the hand direction for “stay”. Research says that the  birds and animals share their emotions with the use of facial expressions, body language, and tone. Birds, especially nightingale expresses its joy and sadness by their tone. When they sing in a high pitch it indicates that it is sad. The young ones when they feel hungry, it gives a certain kind of sound, and the mother understood that it needs food.

Humans use non-verbal communication because: Words have limitations; numerous areas where non verbal communication is more effective than verbal (which explain the shape, directions, personalities are expressed non- verbally).

Non verbal signals are powerful: non verbal cues primarily express inner feelings. (Verbal messages deal basically with outside world). Non verbal message are likely to be more genuine because non verbal behavior cannot be controlled as early as spoken words. Non verbal signals can express feelings inappropriate to state: social etiquette limits what can be said, but nonverbal cues can communicate thoughts.

A simple separate communication channel is necessary to help and send complex messages. A speaker can add enormously to the complexity of the verbal message through simple nonverbal signals.

Here is the example to explain it to you further:

In a particular scenario, where the boss is annoyed by the repeated mistakes of his PA (personal secretary). He mostly makes snow him aware of his mistakes but the secretary didn’t took it as serious as he took it when the boss kept silence over his mistakes. He, on the other hand realized his mistakes despite the boss is quite.

So actions speaks louder than words.