HRM627 GDB Solution Fall 2012

In our daily life, people are evaluated by the type of clothes they wear, accessories they carry, and whatever they select to represent themselves. There are not only different forms of attire, ornaments and outfits for different occasions, but also there are various forms of attire that one wears to represent one’s identity.
“Artifacts” are a type of nonverbal language that is often used to communicate information about oneself. Artifacts are objects, often clothes, jewelry, pictures, and trinkets, which express one’s interests, hobbies, status or lifestyle.
Discuss the significance of artifacts attached with different professions by giving at least two examples that how people having different line of work use specific artifacts during their job hours?


There are a lot of careers out there that you can choose from, each with its own set perks. Project managers uses Tools which can facilitate the creation and maintenance of project artifacts (e.g. project schedule) and especially good at complex analysis (e.g. Earned Value Management).  But what makes Fashion Designing popular with most individuals nowadays. Aside from the fact the fashion is taking over our daily outfits, the growing interest in the field is indeed very palpable.

This career allows you to be widely creative and it encourages you to push boundaries and tread unfamiliar design ideas.

Fashion design can give you the opportunity to make a good profitable and maybe even a famous business, if you happen to come up with a successful clothing line. You get to put your own personal blend into the work you do. This means that whether you are working for a brand, or starting your own, you get to personalize that outfit by injecting your own creative idea.