HRM627 Human Resource Development Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

This   is   a   practical  assignment   where  you   are  required   to   visit   some  organization  in   your   locality  and   get  information   from   someone   at   managerial  post   or   the   spokesperson   of   that   particular  organization  about their  Job  Characteristics Model (JCM).
1. You   have  to   answer,  “To   what  extent   their   job/   organization  provides   them  the  following   elements   of   JCM”;   and   discuss   how   these  elements   help   in   better  performance of   employees  as  well  as   the  progress   of   that   organization?

i. Autonomy  (level   of   freedom   provided   to   employees  in   taking   decisions   about different job  related  matters)
ii. Skill   variety   (how  the  job   tasks  are  matched  according   to   the  talents   and   skills   of  employees,   do  the  jobs   are  assigned   according   to   the  expertise   of   employees,   do single  employee  can  perform different tasks)
iii. Feedback :  (information   provided   about  the performance of  the employee)

2. Suggest  some  practices   that   will  help   the   organization  in   improving  their   existing system?

• Visit   any  organization  in   your   locality   and   gets   information   regarding   the   above  mentioned fundamentals  of  JCM.
• Give   the   organization  name,   address  and   contact  number  along  with   name  and  designation   of  contacted  employee  at   the  top  of  your  assignment.
• Critically analyze the   information  and  assure  its  credibility.
• Discuss  the  three elements  separately.
• Assure   the   concerned  person   that   information   would  be  kept   confidential   and   would  be used  only  for  academics purposes.


just start an imaginary business like real estate, product marketing, franchise and write according to it something.