HRM627 Human Resource Development Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

The number of work hours per week is an important part of most job descriptions. Recently English Government has passed a law requiring companies in England to reduce the work hours from 40 to 35 to lower country’s unemployment rate. This move is being protested by some who fear it will reduce productivity instead of accomplishing its intended purpose.
To make things worse, a tight labor market in previous years had brought a new kind of diversity to Denver Ltd. where CEO, Ms. Sam, hired paroled prisoners and political refugees to fill jobs (that would otherwise go begging). But the rate of work errors has risen and productivity is down due to less skilled employees, and the personal and social problems they bring with them. Sam thinks that her organization should be responsible to the society and these persons deserve a second chance, but of Board of Governors (BOG) thinks otherwise.
Now, she is stuck between the dilemma of social responsibility, productivity and BOG. How can you solve the dilemma?

The Company should train employees and make them in to a strong work force. Employee should be provided technical as well as non-technical training to fulfill there job duties successfully. Good working environment should be provided as prisoners and political refugees would have problem in working with non-cooperative environment.