HRM627 Human Resource Development Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2013

Mr. Shafiq, CEO of an FMCG Company, put together a team to design the Website of the
company. He selected five persons from different departments having expertise in their
respective fields: Awais from IT department; Imran from Marketing; Zaheer from
Production; Aqeel from Sales and Shazia from Logistic department. He provided clear
goals and set rules for how the group will function and also specified the time duration
of four months.
Two months later, nothing had been done. The group members had not even met.
When Shafiq found this out, he brought everyone together and asked them why they
had not started the work. They told that because they did not know each other, no one
wanted to step on anyone else’s toes by taking charge and calling the group together.
After shafiq stood looking like a deer in headlights for a while, Imran said they could
meet in his department tomorrow because he had the suitable conference room and
access to a computer. They all agreed.
When they started meeting, Awais, Imran and Aqeel all wanted to be in‐charge. Each of
them had reasons that looked good and no one was willing to let any other to take over.
Zaheer and Shazia did not care who was in‐charge, as long as it was not either of them.
Mr. Shafiq intervened to resolve this matter. He nominated Irman as a group leader
with the consensus of other members, with a thought that Marketing plays an
important role within an organization.
Zaheer did not really care about the Website, saying he did not see it his concern as
Website had not much to do with Production Department. Shazia wanted the Website
to be used only by Company’s suppliers and distributors. Imran and Aqeel wanted the
Website dedicated to customers only. Awais said that as he was the only one in the
group who would actually create Web pages, it should just be an informational site that
describes the company profile etc. They had been meeting fortnightly, arguing about
this for four months and did not progress the work.
Question 01:
Which of the five stage(s) (forming, norming, storming, performing and adjourning) of group development is/are completed in this case? Discuss with solid reasons. (Marks 10)

Solution: i think forming and storming stage completed in this case, because in initialy all want to know each other which is forming stage.then conflict situation occur that is storming stage. 

  • Forming: The group starts to form and decide what it is going to do, and everyone is pretending to get on or get along with others
  • Storming: The group will then tend to let down the politeness barrier and tries to get down to the issues, even if tempers flare up and there is a lot of conflict. At this stage there is no real agreement on how the group should work towards its goal: it lacks any what I would call process discipline and is mired in the content of the issue

Question 02:
What was the major problem in group development which caused failure in work completion and what shafiq should do now to rectify the problem? (Marks 10)