HRM627 Human Resource Development GDB 1 Solution Spring 2013

Imran was poor but an intelligent student in college. After his graduation, he got enrolled in the best national University on scholarship. He used to work at a sanitary shop during his college life to earn his fees and to bear other expenses. He was so much inspired by his shop-owner that just after completing his education, he purchased a running sanitary shop with a loan of Rs.500,000 from small-business loans, relatives and friends. He started business innovatively and enthusiastically; and sales started multiplying. He returned the loan and even purchased a second store within two years by his savings. Due to his strong motivation and hard work, he built a sanitary stores chain consisting of ten stores by the time of 12-years. Imran sees a lot of growth potential in this business and anticipates that he will maximize his company’s growth potential by opening 20 more new stores as he has a goal for new expansions. In addition, Imran has been an active member of the local chamber of commerce and also has been granted the title of “Businessman of the Year”. He has also been elected as president of chamber of commerce. He also has been resisting the gentle encouragement of his fellows in chamber to go for the election of District Nazim. Imran has pondered upon the suggestion of becoming District Nazim, to be a healthy step if he wishes to pursue a political career in future.

Question: Which of the needs, described by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, have been addressed by Imran in this case? Discuss with proper arguments.

Solution: Imran need the following Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. to purse a political career in future. He need to fulfil the following needs. 

Social needs: A person’s needs for affection, belongingness, acceptance, and friendship.
Esteem needs: A person’s needs for internal factors such as self – respect, autonomy, and achievement, and external factors such as status, recognition, and attention.
Self – actualization needs: A person’s needs to become what he or she is capable of becoming.