HRM627 Human Resource Development GDB Solution Fall 2012

Primary education is the most vital part in a child’s educational career. It can make or break a child’s educational career. It is a critical stage in child’s formative development and shapes the child into a learner, thinker and a social being.
But when we talk about the people surviving in worst living condition, i.e. below the poverty line, we specifically focus those individuals who are unable to get the basic necessities for themselves and their families; then how can they afford children’s education while they are hardly providing them food. On the other hand, their children use to work as child laborers and are earning hands for the family.
Considering the fact that education is often directly linked to a better standard of living and helps people in becoming productive individuals, the prime value of primary education has been ignored by such parents as well as by the government.

How the parents, who are living below the poverty line, can be motivated for children’s primary education – in a way that they do not have the fear to lose an earning hand? Discuss and recommend some practical solutions?

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