HRM627 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

HRM627 Mid Term Paper…which were consist on total 27 Questions
Objective = 22 MCQ

Subjective = (3 Questions for 3 Marks + 2 Questions for 5 Marks) = 7 Question

Mcq almost 60% were from Old Past Papers and Quiz files and 40% were new but conceptual. Subject were all from old Papers…

The following are the subjective question which i remember…

1. Status, salary, fringe benefits copied from are hygiene factors. How these relate to Hygiene factor? 3 Marks

2. Define Open Book Management and why Organization uses it? 3 Marks

3. Define Functional Team with example? 3 Marks

4. Define Kinesthetic Sub Modality and also give three common expressions? 5 Marks

5. What could be the possible impacts of Malnourishment on Economic Development? Also identify the link of good nutrition with overall GDP? 5 Marks