ISL201 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

Assignment Question No 1:

Belief of Tauheed (Oneness of Allah) is base and the most important part of Deen e Islam. We know its literary and technical meanings. Its importance is above board and needs no evidence. Major portion of Quranic verses emphasizes on this belief. Question arises that what is the reality of this belief? Is it just reading of Kalma e Tayyabah, proclaiming that God is one or it has deep meaning and great effects on our lives? 

Question : In this assignment, you have to elaborate the differences between a person who believes in Tauheed (Oneness of Allah) and another person who do not believe in it. 

Note: your answer should be in point wise and short. Just five points are required. Assignment should not exceed from one page. 
Solution :