ISL201 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 10 Feb 2012

56 mcqs the jo k 45 past me se the..
Q:how does a person know that his acts of Ibadah are helping him to achive Taqwa? (3)
Q:what did hinda do in the battle of Uhad with the Holy prophet’s SAW uncle Hamza? 3
Q:write down the services of Al-Idrisi in feild of geography? 3
Q:Describe that disobedience of parents is one of the major sins of Islam? 5
Q:Explain the following “whatever the Prophet enjoins you accept it and whatever forbid you avoid”? 5
Q:what do you know about Qaroon? 5 (just i left this question)
Q:Analyze that anger can spoil a man? 5
Q:translate the surah Al-Asar? 5