ISL201 Islamic Studies Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2013

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1 The West has often regarded

Muslim women as __________in a male-dominated world.

  1. Being backward 2. Being progressive 3. Powerful entity 4. Source of Love
2 The moral, spiritual and economic equality Of men and women as propagated by Islam is ____________.


  1. Ambiguous 2. Unquestionable. 3. One sided 4. Unacceptable



3 Islam has assigned a position of __________ to woman.

  1. Dignity 2. Being backwardness 3. Dominancy 4. Power
4 Along with strict and humble observance of Prayer, Islam stressed on _____________ for safeguarding of chastity and modesty.


1: Marriage 2: Isolation 3. Worship 4. Social welfare


5 Because of the physical weakness and delicacy of women and their vulnerability, men are appointed_________ over women.

  1. Guardians 2. Chiefs 3. Administrators
6 Named the term used for Dissolution of the marriage.
7 The upkeep of the household is the entire responsibility of the_____________.


1. Husband 2. Wife 3. Elder Brother 4. Elder Sister

8 A Muslim may not dispose of more than _________of his assets by testamentary directions. Legacies, whether for charity or in favour of non-heirs, must not exceed _________of net assets.


  1. One-third : One third 2. Two-third : Two third 3. One-third : Two-third 4. One-fourth : One-fourth


9 The Holy Prophet was commanded by Allah in Holy Quran (24: 31) to direct the believing men to restrain their _________and to guard their__________.


1. Hands : Tounge 2. Looks : Senses 3. Animal senses : Human Senses 4 Tounge : Back biting habit

10 The Holy Quran sets certain special directions of ideal and good behavior; these directions should be emulated by____________.

  1. The wives of the Holy Prophet only 2. All believing women 3. All women’s of theworld 4. Young girls




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Assignment 2 

Islamic Studies (Isl201)

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Being backward







One-third : One third

Looks : Senses 

10 All believing women