IT430 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2017

Develop a sample E-Commerce web application in HTML that deals with buying and selling of product of your own choice. Customer can select any item, product, and service offering to the customers at their own choice.


Sample interface of E-Commerce web application should have at least following features.

  • On top of the E-commerce web page your name should be displayed
  • Next there should be name of your web application along with your VUID.
  • Display the Unorder/Order list of products, services that are offered to the customers.
  •  In next section display the image of product/accessories that are available on your online web application.
  • Next section is Add to cart section that allows customer to select the available product along with payment option in table format.
  • In add to cart section use the check box for the selection of products, which allows user to select the products to be purchased.
  • Payment option is displayed to the user, in the form of radio button offering the payment options to the users.
  • Finally in add to cart section two buttons should be displayed. One offering the Submit functionality and other is used to reset the information given in E-commerce application.

Screenshot of the Sample Ecommerce Web Application:

Following is the sample screen shot of E-commerce web application.

Note: Your own VUID should be displayed on the web application.


You are required to submit your solution through LMS in a single MS Word file. Having following two information.

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