IT430 Assignment No 4 Spring 2012 solution

Question No.1 (Marks= 5 )
Suppose you are a marketing analyst, your task is to divide the potential customers into different groups in order to target them with specific advertising messages and slogans. This process is called segmentation. You are required to identify the types of segmentation used in the following scenarios. Write down just names.

1. The management of Uniworth shirt and tie shop decided to open two outlets in Multan and one outlet in DG khan because DG khan is smaller city with less population as compared to Multan.
2. An airline company Aero Asia provides the business class and the economy class by keeping in mind the different approaches and lifestyles of different people.
3. A book gallery is divided into two sections. One section contains the Rhyme, Riddle story, and coloring books for the kids, and the other section contains the English literature, Islamic, Historical books for the elders.


  • This Scenario is related to Geographic Segmentation
  • This Scenario is related to Psychographic Segmentation
  • This Scenario is related to Demographic Segmentation

Question No.2 (Marks = 5)
Being a student of E-commerce, you are required to identify the E-business models in the following scenarios.

1- An online magazine express providing 24-hours updates.
2- A website (xyzjobseeker.com) providing services for the job seekers to find a job, and for the employers to recruit them.
3- A website (abccapital.com) providing loan services and selling and buying of stocks on the internet.
4- A website (songabc.com) selling audio/video songs, movies, cinema tickets, and also providing downloading services of the contents.
5- A website (abc.edu.pk) providing high-quality distance education


  • Online News Services
  • Online Recruiting
  • Online Trading & Lending
  • Online Entertainment.
  • E-Learning

Question No.3 (Marks 5)
HyperPanda is a retail super store where customers can purchase a wide variety of goods that range from groceries to appliances. They also introduce new products like books; stationary. As the products range is increasing day by day, Due to this management is facing difficulties in managing the stock and handling the increasing number of customers. To avoid this, the management decided to launch the E-commerce website and to develop an online catalog for all the products. You are required to tell what features of the online catalogs convinced the management to take such a decision?


Hyperpanda Super Store should contain the following Catalog Features in their web site.

  • The users can view new products
  • User can also view new products features and Cost.
  • Catalog can provide timely, up-to-date product information
  • Maintain the record of all customers.
  • Record of products/Stock