IT430 Assignment No 5 Spring 2012 solution

 Technical review of the strategies and models 


Strategy / Model

Precise Review about each not more than two to three sentences

When to use

Demerits if you found

Example other than given in articles Special Observation you found while analyzing the review of article, at least one sentence about each model is required in a precise way

  1. 1.      Cost Saving Model



Informational/ Communication Design Strategy



This model talks about cost savings and productivity saving.


(Write 2 or 3 sentences about model from the paper)


This model uses informational/ communication design strategy.


(See Page 9 figure 1 for model and strategy linkage)


(Write 2 sentences about strategy)


This model is used where a large number of customers exist and demand for different types of information.





This model is not fit for trading (buying and selling) transactions.






BOX NUTT (www.boxnutt.com)



TIP: (Open Google and search “sites similar to ————“)


Fill in the space with example web site given in the research paper.


This model saves cost and increase profit.