IT430 E-Commerce Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2013

Rules for Marking

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

1. The assignment is submitted after due date.

2. The assignment is copied.



The objectives of this assignment are:

  • Giving the idea of the HTML and Basic CSS.
  • To become familiar with e-business web sites.
  • To enhance skills regarding online Business.



You are going to start your own business with the brand name Farosh Computers.

The key features of business are:

  • Having vast range of products like Mobiles, Books, iPods, TVs, Cameras, Home Stuff, Tablet PCs, Toys and Games etc.
  • Vision to sale the products online and have good customer relations.

Now you have a task to build a website for your online business. Initially you have to build the main page for the website with the same design given bellow.

Some Page Validations

v  There should be a separate CSS file for styling of Page.

v  All designing should be in <DIV> tags.

v  Body background color should be #FCFCFC.

v  Height and width of the page should auto.

v  Company name heading following properties

  • Font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif.
  • Font-size: 48px.
  • Color: #00a8d2.

v  Menu strips has

  • Height: 62px;
  • Background-image “menu.jpg”

v  Footer has properties

  • Height: 70px;
  • Background-image “footer.jpg”

v  Search bar has properties.

  • Height: 53px.
  • Background-color: #f1f1f1.

v  Hot search has properties

  • Height: 31px.
  • Background-color: #ffffff.
  • Font-family: Tahoma.
  • Font-size: 11px.
  • Color: #535353.

v  Right <DIV> has properties

  • Width: 170px;
  •  Height: 680px;

v  Also make <DIV> for list of items in right <DIV>.

v  Middle <DIV> has properties

  • Width: 389px.
  • Height: 680px.

v  Contents in middle <DIV> should also in <DIV> tags.

v  Left <DIV> has properties

  • Width: 199px;
  • Height: 680px;
  • background-image “body-left-back.jpg”

v  Necessary images are attached with assignment.