IT430 E-Commerce Assignment 4 Solution Spring 2014

Scenario Mr. Abdus-Samad has started a joint venture Company with Mr. Abdul Qadir, this Joint venture company deals with different commodities regarding online e-business i.e. they provide consultancy, online marketing, making travel arrangements etc. The basic goal of an e-business can be to reduce cost or improve customer service, however, the primary aim of most e-commerce sites is to generate revenue and earn profit. Suppose you are a RGE officer (Revenue Generation Expert) working here dealing in consultancy & online marketing services. You have to identify the Revenue

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model for particulars (Businesses) given below; v Let’s say that, you are having a health issue, and need some assistance online from a doctor or you have any legal issue that has to be discussed with a lawyer and you approach him / her online, for all above requested services fee has to be paid. Which revenue model do you think is appropriate for this? v Which model comes into play when Information on the website is given free of charge but the revenue is generated by the advertisement along with that information (This advertisement can be located anywhere on the webpage containing the required information or service). For example the search engines provide all information free of cost, the revenue here is generated by the advertisements. Identify the revenue model to be implemented here. v For an online business where the access to the people is provided throughout the world with the method of selling / buying electronics, CDs, books, music, videos, toys, flowers, gifts, clothes etc. lies under which revenue Model. v If we take an example of online travel agents where agents receive a fee for assisting a transaction that includes making travel arrangement for their clients, advising them about lodging and transportation etc. Which model will be implemented here?