IT430 E-Commerce Assignment No 1 Solution Fall 2012

Question 1: ( 2 + 3 ) = 5 Marks
Assume that there is a company named “Lenzan” that deals in selling furniture to the customers in its franchises
located in different cities. The company also handles online orders alongside traditional manual business. In your opinion does it lie in E- business or traditional business or blend of both? Justify your answer with solid reasons.


E-business is built electonically on a network; therefore, without a network it’s completely impossible for an e-business to survive (please refer to What is E-Business).T

The use of technology will bring a huge impact on the way of a business communicates with its customers. This business communication models are categorized by Schneider into three different types


Personal contact (one to one)

In this type of communication model, the organization assigns its employees to identify and reach the prospective customers [1]. The simplest example for this approach is the sales person who calls the potential customer and introduces the products offered by his company. This approach has been widely implemented by traditional business.

Mass media (one to many)

The mass media approach allows the organization to broadcast advertising and promotional materials on its products [1]. Examples for this approach are advertisement on television, radio, newspaper or magazine. This approach has also been widely adopted by traditional business.

The web (many to one or many to many)

The internet is neither a mass media nor a personal contact device [1]. It stands on the middle of the fine line where mass media is allocated at the first side and personal contact at the other side. The web provides more interactivity than mass media does to its audience but less than personal contact could offer. For example, an internet user can type in his keywords on a search engine tool (e.g. google) and click on the products that catch his attention. The web is the approach that is adopted by e-business.

Another Answer:

It lies in a blend of E-Business and manual business.
Some Solide Reasons:
Reasons of being in E-Business:

• Lenzan is handling the online orders.
• Lenzan is using online medium. i.e. Internet

Reasons of being in Taditional Business:

• Lenzan is adopting the traditional way.
• Doing business at different site offices at different cities.
• Doing business at the Frenchises.
• Business is done On-Location.

Thus, Lenzan is involved in a blend of business both traditional and E-business.

Question 2: ( 1+1+1+2 ) = 5 Marks

Using HTML code only, create a group of three radio buttons having text CS101, CS507 and CS201 in ascending
order. Initially CS101 must be selected. User must be able to select only one course (radio button) at one time.

First, he is asking about 3 radio buttons
Second, he is asking about to arrange subjects in ascending order
Third, he is asking about selection (checked) attribute
Fourth, user must select a single radio button
at once …. pla pla pla :p