IT430 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 18 Feb 2012

Total = 80 marks
MCQs = 40
2 Marks = 5
3 Marks = 5
5 Marks = 3

Draw back of POP3 as compare to IMAP (2)
A person is guilty of bomb blast, in which court he will sentenced (2)
Which method should be used when companies are perfectly competitive (2)
When a buyer can see the original serial # in E-cash paymant system (2)
Data cleaning and Data Selecting (2)
Industry and Competitive strategy (3)
Assume that there is a company named A.inc that deals in computer products. A.inc does not have strong relationships with the computer dealers and sells the products directly to the consumers. A.inc keeps its cost below than competitor’s costs who have stronger relationship with the computer dealers. Identify the strengths, weaknesses and threats of A.inc according to SWOT analysis (3)
Scenario was given and you have to find out the differentiation, relevance and perceived value from that (3)
What is the drawback of SSL, why people don’t trust it? (3)
Whats E-business promotions methods will you use to attract customers? (5)
what are the possible cultural barriers that a company has to face while running its e-commerce business internationally?(5)
In a two years agreement of partnership Mr. A breaches it after one year..Where Mr. B will forward his case and what factors will involve and according to law of limitations in what period he can file his case? (5)