IT430 GDB Solution Feb 2015

GDB Scenario: Suppose that you are doing job in a big organization (like National Database and Registration Authority) and you observed that there is a webserver (ws.bigorg.pk) and all the employees have desktop computers for their work. The organization wants to make sure that their webserver should be easily accessible to its customers over the Internet. To accomplish this, they purchased a leased line (or any other permanent connection), put a router on their premises, and then hooked their webserver up to the Internet. But after some time organization noticed some problems arising; the first thing that was noticed was that their webserver was receiving lots of traffic, but much of that traffic was not related to the web server process itself. Secondly, they noticed that the speed of the Server is getting slow over the time. Thirdly, they found some processes running on the web server are not familiar to the System Administrators. Also they noticed that their desktop PCs got slower and started behaving abnormally.

GDB Question: Do you think this is caused by hacker’s access to their systems via Internet? Justify your solution in either case and suggest thethe action plan that must be adopted to avoid these problems.

Solution : The Computer could be slow due to the following reasons.

1. low disk space.

2. Malware or virus on the computer.

3. Lack of memory.

4. Hardware Issue.

5. Update windows not applied.

6. High CPU utilization of the web server.