IT430 VU Final Paper 23 February 2013

Total 52 Questions

40 MCQs of 1 Mark Each

4 Short Questions of 2 Mark Each

4 Questions of 3 Mark Each

4 Questions of 5 Mark Each


MCQs were mostly (99%) from past papers. Subjective questions were mostly from the last lessons of Domains names etc.

Data Mining Types: Association and Clustering

E-Business Models


Concurrent Use of Domain names

Have to a HTML form with text box and Submit button. Using Javascript, When clicking on submit button without entering any data in text box, it should display a message “fill the text box”. And when data is entered, message should be shown while clicking submit.

Another Paper:

What is the purpose of padding properties in Style Sheets? (2marks)

Assume that a person is accused of killing five citizens in a bomb blast. Under which category of law he will be trialed by the court? (2marks)

Suppose Ayesha wants to purchase some cosmetics from a company named Cosmo.inc. She only knows the name of the company and has not interacted with the company before. Ayesha is at which stage of customer’s loyalty?  (2marks)

What is meant by ‘Clustering’ in terms of Association? (2marks)
Assume that law enforcing agencies in Pakistan want to use data mining. How can data mining be helpful for the law enforcing agencies in Pakistan and what can be the possible patterns for them? (3marks)

There is a website http://download.cnet.com, that allows free downloading of softwares and in return they place some advertisement on the website. What kind of branding it is and why it is of such kind? (3marks)


Is any copy right idea exists? Explain. (3marks)


Which property of Style Sheet is used for text transformation? Also give an example to convert the text ‘Text to be Converted’ into Capital letters using that property. (3marks)

Assume that you have a multinational company named A.inc that operates in different geographical regions. In your opinion, what are the different cultural issues in the context of international e-commerce that must be faced by A.inc? Identify and describe any five of them. (5marks)
Assume that you are developing the Customer Relationship Management system of a company. What are the different stages that you will consider for the development of a good quality system? Explain. (5marks)


Assume that there is a company named Accur.inc which deals in computer business. The company has many offices at remote locations throughout the Pakistan. The company is using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for communication .Accur.inc wants to integrate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with internet in order to get communication at cheap rates rather than a third party network. Does internet support Electronic Data Interchange? Briefly explain, how it can be a substitute of a Value added network (VAN)? (5marks)


Write an XML code to create a bookstore of three categories Cooking, Children, Science by using the following attributes:  (5marks)
(a). Title
(b). Author
(c). Price