Make Spring 2012 Mid Term Examination Date Sheet Now

The web interface for making your date sheet is being placed on the following link:

Note:  You MUST make your date sheet on or before: Monday, April 23, 2012Seats   are available on a ‘first come first served‘ basis.


  1. Logon using your VULMS ID and Password
    (In case of any password related problem contact at password@vu.edu.pk)
  2. Choose Your Exam City in which you want to appear for Exam (optional)
  3. Choose your Exam Center out of the centers available to you
    (Once selected, you cannot change your Exam Center)
  4. Select available exam date and start time of your own choice for each of your courses, then click “Confirm” button to confirm your selection.
  5. Repeat the Step-4 for all your remaining courses one by one.
  6. Finally, click the “Get Examination Password and Entrance Slip” button to print your Exam Entrance Slip.