MCM101 Introduction to Mass Communication Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

Scenario: Mass media has the strength to persuade and affect everyone; bringing changes in behavior, attitudes and beliefs especially the heavy viewers. It modifies their judgments based on the information which they receive. A substantial amount of stereotypes broadcasted through TV dramas have similar effects. The media often uses and reinforces stereotypes; however, they are significantly accepted by people among society. Likewise there is a widespread stereotype in our society “A woman’s worst enemy is the other woman.” Almost every Pakistani entertainment channel is presenting dramas depicting this stereotype.

Task: Your task is to watch Drama serial “Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai” Episode 18-20 (Hum TV) at this link…

Questions: keeping in mind the above given concept answer the following questions: 1. Identify at least five (5) examples showing the similar perception. Also highlight the major elements which reinforce this stereotype “A woman’s worst enemy is the other woman” and defend you answer with logical arguments.

2. Suggest the possible maneuver that media can use to eliminate this stereotype from our society.