MCM101 Introduction to Mass Communication Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

A culture is a way of life of a group of people–their behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols. Similarly Enculturation is the process of passing on culture from one generation to the next, whereas Acculturation is the process one tends to learn the rules and norms of a culture different from one’s native culture.
Your task is to critically analyze these situations given below and sort out which situation  falls in the category of Acculturation and Enculturation? And discuss why? Marks: Each carry 5 marks.
(A)Bhutto family is considered as one of the most dominant and influential political family of Pakistan. Zulfiqar ali Bhutto was the pioneer of Pakistan People’s Party which led by Benazir Bhutto after his death. Bhutto family is the real depiction of Sindhi culture. In spite of the fact that Benazir lived in foreign country, she never failed to exemplify her native culture. Her Sindhi cultural dressing and language is an observable proof of this. Similarly, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is the great follower of his mother. Like her mother he tried his best to portray their Sindhi culture appealingly.

ANSWER:  Enculturation



The life of SHAEED BANEZIR BHUTTO is the best and true example of enculturation. , being a daughter of famous politician SHAEED ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO, she spends her entire life living with his norm and values. Being a sindhi but raised in abroad does not change her life style and love for his culture .She was not only true reflection of her culture but also passes her values norm and traditions into her children too…..her three children SPECIALLY her son BILAWAL BHUTTO are mirror image of her, TRUE representator of her culture .After the death of this great leader her children are carrying on their work where their mother Benazir Bhutto left off  indeed.
(B) Basant celebrations have reached the point that invitation cards are printed out. It is celebrated on different days in the country so that the spirit of Basant is kept alive nationwide and people can participate in it on a national scale. People do not sleep on this night. But nobody is concerned with the fact that it was an Indian festival not ours. This event is incorporated in our culture as it is our own culture.

Answer:  Acculturation


BASANT festival is not apart of Pakistani culture. Basically the word BASANT is an Hindus origin and its dedicated to the Hindus goddess of knowledge and art sarswati .Before partition the festival religious roots took a back seat and it was celebrated by HINDUS and MUSLIM of that time, Moreover BASANT is not accordance with Pakistani traditions and Islamic values that men and women dance together in public place this might be Hindus practice which no we have INCO-OPERATED it.
(C) Valentine’s Day is on February 14th and celebrated around the world to recognize the love you have for that special someone or spouse’s Day. The malls/shopping plazas were beautifully decorated with big red heart shaped balloons, cupids and buntings of Valentine ’s Day and visibly flooded with young girls and boys shopping for their dear ones. The kids on the street who are usually found cleaning the wind screen of the cars were now vendors of bouquets of roses to the commuters. Celebrating this particular festivity is deteriorating the culture of Pakistan to the lowest ebb. It is a festival which we do not dare to celebrate openly. Young chaps are in search of such places that are not easily accessible to their parents and relatives. Valentine’s Day is totally contrasting to our Islamic values.

ANS: Acculturation


VALENTINE is harming our culture. It is western festival but now people in Pakistan also celebrating it. It is a day of love when people gave gifts and cards to their loved once .VALENTINE is against Islamic values, norms and culture .This tradition reflects in sensitivity and ignorance of Islam and destroying are youth too. Basically it’s a propaganda of western capitalist society which wants to celebrate all those days where people can come out to shopping mall  and spent money.