MCM301 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2017

Learning objectives: The objective of this assignment is to

Involve students in writing on a topic considering the chronological order of writing text.  Enable them to write precisely and in a sequence.

Chronological order

Chronological order is the method of arranging your subject’s main points in a time sequence. Some information, such as a message about a historical movement or process, lends itself to chronological ordering.

Q.1. Considering the chronological pattern of writing body of a speech, write three paragraphs on the topic “History of Multan”. (Marks: 12)

Gathering material and Citations

Q.2. Considering the topic “corruption and its effects on Pakistan”, collect a one paragraph material from each of the following sources and give proper citation.

Sources of Gathering Material:

 Newspaper.

 Journal.

 Book.

 Magazine.    (Marks: 08)