MCM301 Communication skills Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

In your professional life, you will face a variety of situations when you will have to write a letter to communicate any disappointing news to your receiver. In such situations, your success will depend on how successfully you write the refusal in an innocuous way. Suppose you are a film producer and produced spectacular films on different social issues prevailing in our society. You have received an invitation for a workshop from XYZ University. This University arranges the workshop on Film production for its students of mass communication yearly and invites the same producer to deliver a special lecture on it. Unfortunately, you are unable to attend the workshop this year due to your other professional commitments.


Your task is to:
Write a letter of refusal to that invitation by keeping in mind the elements of effective written communication.


Students will be able to write the refusal letters in an appropriate way.
Students will be able to raise their level from a layman

XYZ University
North Nazimabad,Karachi

Dear [Title] [Lastname],
Thank you for your interest in inviting me to deliver a lecture. I must first apologize for responding so late and I also regret that I am unable to attend workshop this year due to some of the prior commitments of professional life but hope that I will be able to attend the workshop next year .

I sincerely appreciate you for choosing me to deliver special lectures to your students.
Yours truly,
[Firstname] [Lastname]